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English: ‘talk’.

  1. talk, word, speech, message
    bekim tok = to answer
    bihainim tok = to follow instructions, to repeat what another says
    brukim tok = to break a promise, to go back on one’s word
    grisim tok = to talk oneself out of a difficulty; to talk someone into something
    gutpela tok = good advice, glad tidings
    hap tok = a quotation, a statement
    harim tok = to obey
    kranki long tok = to speak a language poorly; to stammer; to make mistakes in speech
    krungutim tok = to garble a message, to misquote
    mekim dai tok = to settle a quarrel, to make peace, to stifle a rumour
    mekim tok gumi = to spin a yarn
    mekim tok tru antap = to take an oath, to swear
    mi gat tok = I have something to say, I have a complaint
    no gat tok = to have nothing to say; to have no complaint; to have no objection
    sakim tok = to disobey, to contradict
    salim tok = to send a message, to give an order
    senisim tok = to change a message
    skrapim tok = to chat
    stretim tok = to settle a discussion, complaint, or difficulty
    sutim tok long = to accuse someone
    tok amamas = good wishes
    tokbek = an answer
    tok bilong bipo yet = a myth, a fable
    tok bilong ol tumbuna = a tradition of the ancestors
    tok bilas = ridicule, mockery
    tok boi; tok pisin = Pidgin English, Melanesian Pidgin
    tok bokis = a secret language
    tok giaman = a lie
    tok gris = flattery, seduction
    tok gumi = a tall tale
    tok hait = a mystery, a secret
    Tok i dai! = the matter is settled!
    tok i go pas = an introduction, a foreword
    tok Inglis = English
    Tok i no kamap gut = The words are not clearly printed or written; the words are illegible
    tok insait = conscience
    tok kros = a scolding, harsh words
    tok maus = the spoken word
    tok nogut = bad language
    tok piksa = a parable
    tok pilai = a joke
    tok ples = a native language, a mother tongue
    tok profet = a prophecy
    tok stil = to divulge a secret
    kisim tok orait = to get approval
    tok (i) tru = truth
    tok tru antap = an oath
    tromoim tok = to disregard an order, to reject an order
    tok win = idle tales, rumours

  1. to say, to talk to speak
    Em tok long ol, i spik = He spoke to them saying
    tok bilas = to mock, make fun of
    tok isi = to speak softly, to whisper
    tok isi isi = to speak slowly
    tok kranki = to speak incorrectly, to talk foolishly
    tok kros = to use harsh words, to scold
    tok nating = to speak without thinking; merely to give an opinion; to say something without meaning it
    tok pilai = to joke, to jest
    tok ples = to speak in a native language, in one’s mother tongue
    tok tru antap = to take an oath; to swear to tell the truth; to make a vow
    Yu no mekim kain tok olsem = Don’t say that!
    Em i tok, se = He spoke, saying ...

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