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  1. school
    haus skul = a schoolhouse, a school building, a school
    skulboi = a schoolboy, a pupil, a disciple
    winim skul = to graduate, to finish school

  1. a lesson, an instruction, advice
    givim gutpela skul = to advise, to give good advice, to instruct well
    mekim skul = to instruct, to teach school, to conduct classes
    yu kisim we dispela skul? = where ever did you get that advice?

  1. to instruct, to teach
    skul long ol = to instruct them, to teach them

  1. to go to school, to learn
    nau mi skul long rait = now I am learning to write, now I am being taught how to write
    olgeta de mipela i skul = we go to school daily

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