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  1. skin, hide, pod, husk, shell, rind
    katim skin = to scarify
    makin skin = to tattoo
    skin (bilong) diwai = the bark of a tree
    skin bilong kasang = a peanut shell
    skin bilong kiau = an egg shell
    skin bilong kokonas = a cocount husk
    skin bilong muli = a lemon rind
    skin bilong trausel = a turtle shell
    skin kalap = a skin graft
    skin palai = the lizard skin which is used as a drumhead
    skin pas = an envelope
    skin pilo = a pillow case, a pillow slip
    skin plang = odds and ends from dressed timber
    tekewe skin = to skin, to peel

  1. a body, a corpse, one’s person
    planim skin = to bury a corpse
    skin bilong man = the human body
    skin i guria = to shiver
    skin i hat = to have a fever, to run a temperature
    skin i kol = to have the chills, to be cold
    skin i les = to be tired, to be lazy
    skin i orait = to be healthy
    skin i slek = to be getting old, wrinkled, weak
    skin i wara = to sweat
    tuhat i kamap long skin = to sweat

  1. the genitals
    katim skin bilong pikinini = to circumcise, to scarify a child
    pilai long skin = to play with oneself, to masturbate

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