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  1. sago, the sago swamp, the sago palm (Metroxylon sagus or M. rumphii)
    karamap saksak = a parcel of dried sago wrapped in leaves
    kru bilong saksak = a sago shoot for planting; the new yellow unfolded sago palm leaves used in decorating and also for making grass skirts
    binatang bilong saksak = edible grub worm found in the decaying sago palm trunks
    pipia bilong saksak = sago palm shavings from which starch has been leached
    praim saksak = to fry sago pancakes
    saksak i gat nil = a thorny type of sago palm, often wild sago
    skrapim saksak = to shred sago with a tool resembling a sharpened piece of pipe; this is part of the processing
    stap long saksak = to be in the sago swamp
    tanim saksak = to cook sago; to make sago pudding
    wailsaksak = the nipa palm
    wok long saksak; wokim saksak = to process sago, to make sago

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