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  1. a plank, a board, sawn timber, lumber
    brukim plang = to pitsaw a log into planks, to cut a plank, to break a plank in two
    hobelim plang = to plane a board
    makim plang = a mark off a plank
    metaim plang = to measure a plank for cutting
    nilim plang = to nail a board
    plang bilong buk Misa = a missal stand
    plang bilong kanu = the sideboards or gunwale on a sailing canoe
    plang bilong kisim rat = a rattrap
    skin plang = the fist outer cut made on a log, the skin of a plank, a miscut
    stretim plang = to straighten a board, to put boards in order

  1. wooden
    haus plang = a house made of sawn timber; a timber shed

  1. a war shield made of wood

  1. a timber tree (Araucaria cunninghamii)

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