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  1. no good, bad, wicked, evil
    bel i nogut = to feel sorry, disappointed; to be barren, childless
    givim tok nogut = to use bad language, to use harsh words
    haus i nogut pinis = the house is wrecked, ruined, spoiled beyond repair
    kaikai samting nogut = to eat something harmful, injurious; to eat something to induce abortion or prevent conception
    kolim nogut nem bilong God = to curse, to take God’s name in vain
    man nogut = an evil man, a wicked man
    mekim nogut samting = to spoil, to harm, to damage something
    mekim samting nogut = to do something wrong, to do something bad
    mekim samting nogut i gat sem = to do something shameful, immoral
    ples nogut = a place of ill-repute, a dangerous area, an unsuitable place, a rugged area
    sik nogut = a contagious disease, a venereal disease
    sindaun nogut = to sit immodestly, to live unhappily, to have trouble, to live poorly
    stap nogut = to be badly off, not to be getting along well
    taim nogut = bad weather, stormy weather, rough sea

  1. wrongly, incorrectly, badly, with bad results
    em i raitim nogut = he wrote it incorrectly, badly
    kirap nogut = to be surprised, to wonder, to marvel at, to react with rising anger; implies a longer lasting effect than the following expression.
    kalap nogut = to be astonished, amazed , horrified
    skin i kirap nogut = to have gooseflesh, goose pimples; the skin creeps

  1. lest, it is no good that, don’t, else, otherwise
    Lukaut! Nogut yu bagarap = watch out that you don’t get hurt
    nogut yupela i brukim wanpela samting = don’t you break anything
    yu no go long wara; nogut pukpuk i kisim yu = don’t go into the water lest the crocodile get you

  1. very, extremely; in this meaning it is used as a superlative after adjectives and adverbs
    banis i tait nogut = the bandage is too tight
    em i bilas nogut tru = he was dressed in his best, decked out in all his finery
    kunai i hat nogut = the grassland is extremely hot
    lap nogut tru = to laugh boisterously, to laugh to scorn, to deride
    mi sik nogut = I was violently ill, seriously sick

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