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  1. about, around, round about, in various directions
    em i ran nabaut long haus = he ran around the house
    ol i go nabaut long wok bilong ol = the left in various directions for their gardens
    planti pik i stap nabaut hia = there are plenty of pigs around here

  1. aimlessly, any old way, carelessly, here and there
    baklain i paul nabaut = the rope is all twisted up, tangled up
    em i longlong nabaut = he wanders about lost; he is confused
    kaikai nabaut = to nibble here and there, to eat a little here and there
    mekim nabaut = to do something carelessly
    sut nabaut = to shoot aimlessly, at everything and anything
    tok i paul nabaut = to the message is all mixed up, garbled
    toktok nabaut = to talk nonsense, to prattle

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