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E: mark; also G: Mark, Marke.

  1. a shilling, but rarely used nowadays in this meaning

  1. a mark, a sign, characteristic, scar, design, spot, tattoo
    em i mak bilong gutpela man = that is the sign of a good person
    katim mak = to scarify
    laplap i gat mak = a cloth with a design, with markings, with piping along the hem
    mak bilong lek = footprint
    mak bilong sua = a scar
    masta mak = a surveyor
    mekim mak = to tattoo
    putim mak = to mark something
    skin i gat mak = the skin is tattooed, has scars, is spotted
    wok mak = to do piecework

  1. goal posts for soccer
    sanapim mak, planim mak = to raise up goal posts for a soccer game

  1. a grade in school
    kisim gutpela mak = get good grades

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