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  1. enough, sufficient
    dispela wok em inap long tripela de = this is three days work
    em inap = that’s enough. The predicate marker i is sometimes omitted when the following word begins in ‘i’.
    mi inap = I’ve had it. I am satisfied. I am content.

  1. to fit, to be the right size, to be the right age
    bet i no inap long mi = the bed is too small for me
    dispela klos inap long mi = this dress fits me
    dispela boi em inap long skul = this boy is old enough to go to school

  1. to be suited to, to be fit for, suitable, capable, able
    yu no maritim dispela man; em i no inap long yu = don’t marry that man; he is not good enough for you. Or also: he is not your age or height.

  1. until, till, up to, about
    mi slip inap tulait = I slept until daybreak
    mi inap long tenpela yia = I am about ten years old
    mi sik inap tripela de = I was sick for three days
    rot i go inap long solwara = the road reaches the ocean

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