hat, hatpela

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English: ‘hard’.

  1. (E) hard. In this meaning it may also be hatpela.
    dispela wok i hat tumas = this work is very hard
    hatpela man = a hard man, a strict man
    hatpela taim = a time of suffering

  1. (E) heart. See also the word klok.
    hat bilong em i meknais yet = his heart is still beating

  1. hearts in a card suit

  1. (E) a hat, cap, helmet
    hat bilong bisop = a mitre
    hat bilong king = a crown
    kisim hat = to be made a government official. The hat they receive on being so appointed is the symbol of their office and authority. Such hats were given to the luluai, tultul, medical orderlies, and native police.
    tekewe hat = to remove one’s hat; to remove one from office

  1. (E) hot, warm
    bel i hat = to be angry
    hat liklik = lukewarm
    hatpela wara = hot water
    hatwara i no hat yet = the water is not hot yet

  1. to be energetic, zealous, enthusiastic, enamoured of, keen on
    em i hat long mekim skul = he is zealous about teaching
    hatpela man = a go-getter, an irascible man

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