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  1. a native labourer or servant regardless of age
    baim boi = to recruit boys for indentured labour
    bosboi = the native boss or overseer
    boi nating = an ordinary man or boy, one not an official at the village
    doktaboi = a native medical orderly
    haus boi = the native labourer’s quarters; a house in the village where adult unmarried boys sleep; the men’s ceremonial house; a euphemism for the spirit house
    kagoboi = a native carrier
    kukiboi = a cook, a steward, a waiter
    Olaboi! = By Golly!
    pulim boi = to recruit by force or bribery
    skulboi = a student, pupil, schoolboy, disciple
    sutboi = a boy who hunts game for pay or a salary
    tisaboi = a teacher, a catechist

  1. to work for, especially as a domestic servant
    mi laik boi long yu = I want to work for you (as a domestic)

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