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English: ‘big fellow’.

  1. big, large, great, well-known, famous
    moa bikpela = bigger
    bikpela moa; bikpela tumas = very large, biggest, gigantic
    bikpela liklik = medium sized
    go bikpela; kamap bikpela = to grow up; to be growing up
    nem i bikpela = to be famous, to be well known
    ol bikpela man = adults, headmen of a village, important men, men of influence and authority
    Primitive folks often refer to God as bikpela man or bikpela

    opim maus bikpela = to open the mouth wide
    em i bikpela pinis = he is grown up
    em i (moa) bikpela long mi = he is bigger than I
    em i bikpela bilong mi = he is my older brother; he is my big brother
    em i laik bikpela nau = he is growing up; he wants to get authority and influence; he wants to be somebody

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