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  1. belly, stomach, entrails, innards
    bel i pen = to have a stomach ache, to have cramps
    bel i tait = the stomach is full; to be sated
    bel i tantanim = to be sick in one’s stomach; to be nauseated
    rausim bel bel bilong pik = to take out the pig’s entrails; to disembowel the pig
    strongim bel = to sette one’s stomach

  1. womb, uterus, pregnancy
    givim bel = impregnate outside wedlock
    kisim bel = to conceive
    meri gat bel; meri i karim bel = a pregnant woman
    rausim bel; brukim bel; katim bel = to commit abortion
    When the term rausim is used, it implies eating concoctions of seeds and leaves as abortifacients. The term with katim refers to the eating of sharp camphor leaves which natives believe dismembers the foetus.

    samting bilong pasim bel = a contraceptive

  1. the heart, the mind, the seat of emotions, affection and thought
    askim bel = to consult one’s conscience
    belgut, bel i gut = to be happy, in good humour, well disposed
    bel i hat = to be angry
    bel i hevi = to be weary of a thing, troubled
    bel i kirap = to be aroused, become interested in, to be tempted, to become sexually aroused
    bel i malumalu = to be meek, weak willed, gentle, mild
    bel i pas, bel i sori = to be sad
    bel isi = peaceful, calm
    bel klin = sincere
    bel tru = faithful
    bel nogut, bel i nogut = to be sad, uneasy, disappointed, penitent, filled with remorse
    givim bel = to love (in Madang area)
    tubel = wavering, doubting
    wanbel = agreement, unity
    kirapim bel = to arouse one to anger, to arouse one’s interest, to arouse one sexually
    mekim kol bel = to pacify someone
    sutim bel; skrapim bel = to tease someone; to make someone angry; to provoke someone; to tempt
    tanim bel = to change one’s mind; to influence someone to change his mind
    tingting long bel = to think, to decide, to make up one’s mind, to reflect, to meditate
    bel bilong mi i tok = my conscience says; an interior voice tells me
    oli tok long bel bilong ol = they said to themselves

  1. the inside, the interior of something
    bel bilong tri = the inside of a tree trunk

  1. the bulging part of anything
    sel i gat bel = a billowing sail, a sail bellied by the wind

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