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  1. (E: bandage) a bandage for a sore
    banis i lus pinis = the bandage came loose; the bandage is lost

  1. (E: banish) a fence, enclosure, compound, wall
    banis bilong haus = the wall of a house
    banis bulmakau = a paddock, a corral, a pasture
    banis meri = a convent enclosure, a boarding school for girls, a compound for such girls
    banismeri = a boarding school girl
    meri banis = a boarding school girl
    banis paul = a chicken yard, a chicken pen
    banis pik = a pigsty
    banis bilong gavman = the government compound
    banis bilong susu = a brassiere
    stap long banis bilong masta Blu = to be staying at Mr Blue’s place; to live on his property
    banis i pen = the chest pains (often a symptom of pnemonia)
    banis bilong lip kokonas = the midrib of a coconut frond

  1. the ribs, the chest wall

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