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  1. an eye
    ai bilong mi i slip = I am sleepy, drowsy; I doze off
    ai bilong mi i hevi = I am sleepy
    ai bilong mi i tudak = he is blind, he is jealous
    ai bilong mi i raun = I am dizzy, I feel giddy
    lukim long wan ai tasol = to look at quickly, superficially
    sanap long ai bilong ol = to stand where all can see you; to stand in view of everyone, before everyone‘s eyes
    brukim ai = to wink
    ai i ret = he is angry

  1. a lid, tip, opening
    ai bilong botol = the lid or cover of a bottle
    ai bilong dram = the head of a drum, the bung of a drum
    ai bilong haus = the gable of a house
    ai bilong kokonas = the spout hole of a cocnut shell
    ai bilong pensil = a pencil point
    ai bilong sospen = the lid of a pot
    ai bilong sua = the head of a sore or abcess
    ai bilong taro = a taro bud

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