yis, yisim

English: ‘yeast’.

The usage yis = ‘homebrew’ dates from around 1997 along the Papuan coast around Port Moresby. It consists only of water, sugar and baking yeast and is fermented in a plastic drum.

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Noun forms

  1. Food preparation: baking yeast
    go baim yis, papa laik wokim skon go and buy some yeast, father wants to bake scones

  1. type of home brewed alcohol (where yeast is an ingredient) JJ, stim
    em i spak long yis na kilim narapela he was drunk on ‘yis’ and killed somebody

Transitive verb forms

  1. to raise with yeast, to put yeast in, to leaven
    yisim plaua to mix yeast into flour

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