yang, yangpela

Pacific Pidgin English: *yang, *yangfela.

Bislama: yang, yangfela; Pijin: iang, iangfala; TSC: [smol].

PPE seems have had two forms for related concepts: yang and smol. The latter is occurs in only a few forms in TP (smolpapa etc), but many more in the other languages.

See original Mihalic entry smol.

Modifier forms

  1. young
    taim mi yangpela yet when I was still young
    em i no lapun, em i yang she is not old, she is young

Noun forms

  1. Kind of person: yangpela man a young man, possibly married but showing no signs of aging
    em i dai, tasol yangpela man he died but he was still a young man

Noun combination forms

  1. Kind of person: yangpela meri a grown, but unmarried girl liklik meri
    ol yangpela meri i spin long maket the unmarried girls are hanging out in the marketplace

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