Pacific Pidgin English: *wokabaut.

Bislama: wokbaot; Pijin: wokabaot; TSC: wagbaut.

See original Mihalic entry.

Noun combination forms

  1. Tools, machines, instruments: wokabaut spana shifting spanner, adjustable wrench, Stillson wrench

Intransitive verb forms

  1. Locomotion: to walk
    mipela i save wokabaut i go long taun when we go to town, we walk there
    muruk i no save flai, em i save wokabaut tasol the cassowary cannot fly, it walks on the ground

Verb phrase forms

  1. Locomotion: wokabaut isi to walk slowly, to walk gingerly, to walk at a measured pace, to stroll limlimbur, ninilbol
    lapun i save wokabaut isi tasol the old man is able to walk slowly
    ples i longwe liklik, tasol yumi wokabaut isi na kamap long apinun the village is far, but if we take it steadily we will arrive before sunset

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