wilwil, wilwilim

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Tok Pisin: wil + wil.

The web site http://www.hanaleihaven.com/lingo.htm lists wilwil as Hawaiian Pidgin English. Is this for real? Most of the other entries look like Tok Pisin.

See first Mihalic entry. See second Mihalic entry.

Noun forms

  1. Obsolete: a bicycle: this term has given way to baisikel baisikel

  1. Obsolete: a grinder, mincing machine or coffee mill turned with a hand wheel: few such items (formerly made, for example, by Bentalls as turnip shredders and the like) are now extant kopi masin

Intransitive verb forms

  1. to go flying, to literally or figuratively do cartwheels or somersaults
    draiva bilong trak i no lukim ol, na kar bilong ol wilwil i go the driver of the truck didn’t see them and their car went somersaulting away

Transitive verb forms

  1. to grind up or mash something in a mincer or mill that has a hand wheel
    wilwilim mit to mince up meat
    wilwilim taro to mash taro in a mincing machine

  1. to knock flying, to give another team a thrashing in sport

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