wes, westim

English: ‘waste’.

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Noun/Modifier forms

  1. a waste
    hatwok bilong yumi i go wes nating all our hard work has gone to waste

Transitive verb forms

  1. to waste
    pasim sutlam, no ken westim bateri turn off the torch, don’t waste the batteries

Verb phrase forms

  1. westim mani to waste money
    no ken baim, bai yu westim mani nating don’t buy it, you’ll just waste your money

  1. westim mani to outlay money
    mipela westim bikpela mani long baim dispela meri we spent a considerable sum on this woman’s brideprice

  1. no ken westim taim without further ado (it’s not so much a question of time being a valued commodity that can be wasted as of the time-waster prevaricating or being obstructive)
    no ken westim taim, mani i kam tasol pay us the money without further ado (common enough sentiment overlooking the need for accountability)

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