Tok Pisin: wan + pis.

Mihalic derived this from English ‘one piece’, however, allusions to being a ‘single fish’ appear stronger and, in any case, this is likely to be a purely Tok Pisin formation.

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Modifier forms

  1. State of being: alone, without relatives, an orphan, without a mate
    em i no gat bratasusa, em i wanpis he has no brothers or sisters, he is a single child
    ol famili bilong i dai, em i wanpis i stap his entire family have died, he is all alone
    mi no marit, mi wanpis yet I’m not married, I’m still single
    mi wanpis tasol, kam na traim mi! I’ll fight you all single-handed!

Proper noun forms

  1. Personal name: Wanpis a child’s proper name, by allusion to the fact that the bearer is an only child, and possibly discarded in later life

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