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Modifier forms

  1. Mental state: miserable, poor, pitiable, unfortunate
    ol i tarangu tru they are really miserable; they are really to be pitied

Noun forms

  1. Kind of person: an exile, a refugee
    mipela tarangu pikinini bilong Eva we poor banished children of Eve

  1. Kind of person: a handicapped person, a special education student
    ol tarangu i no inap wokabaut those with handicaps who cannot walk

  1. Kind of person: a ‘poor fellow’, e.g. in a story baga
    tarangu i kam kamap pinis, tasol olgeta meri i painim boipren pinis the poor fellow finally arrived, but all the girls were already taken

Exclamation forms

  1. an expression of grief, like ‘too bad’, ‘unfortunately’
    tarangu, olgeta i dai pinis unfortunately, they all died

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