Tok Pisin: sut + boi.

Note that shotgun licences are no longer issued in most provinces, so that it would be very difficult for sutboi to legally accompany a government patrol or party of hikers today.

When permitted to carry arms into designated Uncontrolled Areas, gold prospectors and the like up were allowed shotguns and rifles, but not including the military Lee Enfield .303, which was prohibited to civilians in the Territory of New Guinea under the League of Nations Mandate (1921-42). O’Neill (1979: 116, 131) discusses the usage of weapons on the Morobe Goldfields in the early 1930s.

Compare sutman which Mühlhäusler derives from German Schutzmann.

See original Mihalic entry.

Noun forms

  1. Kind of person: a member of a patrol party whose job it is to kill game for the pot with a shotgun

  1. Kind of person: when patrols, for example of gold propectors, were given official permission to enter a designated Uncontrolled Area, a patrol member armed with a shotgun or rifle ® boi

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