skru, skruim

English: ‘screw’.

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Noun forms

  1. Tools, machines, instruments: a screw. a bolt skrudraiva
    lusim skru to loosen a bolt or screw; to lose a bolt
    mama bilong skru the nut for a bolt
    taitim skru to tighten a bolt or screw

  1. Physiology: a joint
    naip sku a pocketknife, a penknife
    pikinini i sindaun long skru bilong mama the baby is sitting down on its mother’s lap
    skru bilong fut the ankle
    skru bilong han the elbow
    skru bilong pinga the finger joint, the knuckle
    skru i lus joint is wrenched or dislocated
    skru i tanim a joint is sprained (generally knee or ankle)

Transitive verb forms

  1. to drive a screw, to screw together
    putim stiki pastaim, bihain skruim put glue on first, then screw it

  1. to join things together
    skruim tupela hap bilong banis to join two lengths of fence together

  1. to add to, to tack on
    skruim nupela rum long haus to add a new room to the house
    skruim to long faiv bai seven i kamap add two and five and you will get seven

  1. to prolong, to continue
    yumi skruim wok i go we’ll go on working then

  1. to postpone, put off surukim
    olsem, yumi skruim miting i go long narapela wik? so we’ll put the meeting off for another week?

Verb phrase forms

  1. brukim skru to bend down, to kneel
    yumi brukim skru nau let us kneel (for prayer)
    Operation Brukim Skru a national prayer campaign, launched by the Governor-General, Sir Wiwa Korowi, at Government House on 19 November 1996; Christian leaders from all denominations hoped to bring Papua New Guinea ‘before God for His divine intervention for the evils of our time’.

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