Pacific Pidgin English: *sidaun.

Bislama: sidaon; Pijin: sidaon var. sindaon; TSC: sidaun.

Mihalic had sindaun buk, ‘to sit down all huddled up, to sit down hunched up’. Was this a missprint for sindaun bung, or is sindaun buk a real phrase?

See original Mihalic entry.

Noun forms

  1. Church: personal or moral conduct
    sindaun bilong ol i gutpela they are leading good lives

  1. Society: social and economic development
    em i mekim wok painimaut long sindaun bilong ol asples he is doing research on the social and economic development of villagers

Intransitive verb forms

  1. to sit down, to sit
    sindaun bung to sit down in a group
    sindaun i stap to be sitting, to remain seated
    sindaun pinis already seated

  1. to sit down with the implication of one’s relations with others
    sindaun bung to sit down with other parties and talk through issues
    sindaun kranki (a) to sit with one’s dress improperly adjusted and underwear (or worse!) showing (b) to sit immodestly according to local customs: in general women must sit tidily cross-legged, but there may be further injunctions against sitting with the legs akimbo or outstretched where men or anyone carrying food may pass, for example.
    sindaun long het bilong kanu to sit in the place of honour (in a canoe)

  1. to concede to floor to another, to cease making a speech, to withdraw from a candidature for leadership sanap
    man ya tingting long sanap, tasol bihain sindaun gen he was thinking of running, but he withdrew
    yu go sindaun long hap! go and sit down over there! (order given to a would-be spokesman at a meeting, meaning ‘you do not have the right to stand’)

  1. to live or stay, implicitly among others and always with the qualification of the state of the person’s relationship with others
    sindaun gut to behave, to get along well, to live happily
    sindaun namel long ol to sit down amongst them, to live amongst them, to stay with them
    no sindaun gut to not live in happily or in good peace of mind
    no save sindaun gut of a wife, roams about in town rather than attends to wifely duties; of a man, is restless and fails to attends to husbandly duties; of an adopted child, does not fit in properly
    no save sindaun gut long ples to be restless, not to want to stay at home

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