Contact exchange: ‘Sibu! Simbu-u-u!’.

The shouted greeting Sibu! or Simbu-u-u! was heard by Jim Taylor and Michael Leahy’s patrol party in 1993 as ‘Chimbu’. According to Warry (1987: 12, fn. 1), it is shouted by men receiving food at major feasts in both Central Chimbu and Chuave.

The present province became Chimbu District in 1966. The name Simbu first appears in the Organic Law on Provincial Government in 19??. However, many S/Chimbus say still say ‘Chimbu’ and the river of the same name is still the Chimbu River.


Kundiawa, Simbu’s provincial town.

Proper noun forms

  1. Simbu Province ® Kundiawa
    ‘Mipla no laikim ol Muslim long Hagen. Sapos yu laikim ol Muslim orait yu karim ol go long Simbu.’ ‘We don’t want Muslims in Hagen. If you want Muslims, you can take them to Chimbu), the group shouted’ Post-Courier 12 Nov 2002

  1. Ethnic identifier: a person from Simbu Province
    pait i kamap na ol Simbu i raus long Wau long mun namba 8, 1994 a fight broke out and the Simbus were expelled from Wau in August 1994

  1. Ethnic identifier: in 1960s and 1970s usage, any highlander (see Connolly and Anderson 1987:288; Nash and Ogan 1990). ® kange, retskin

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