sanap, sanapim

Pacific Pidgin English: *stanap.

Bislama: stanap; Pijin: stanap; TSC: stanap.

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Intransitive verb forms

  1. to stand up, to stand
    mi sanap i stap I am standing; I am just standing here

  1. to stand up prominently
    maunten i sanap the mountain stands up prominently
    wanpela diwai sanap i stap, kam daun liklik ... see where the tree is, come down a bit ...

  1. to stand for an election, run for office sindaun
    em i bin sanap tripela taim na i no win he stood three times without success

Transitive verb forms

  1. House construction: to stand something up, to erect
    em i laik sanapim haus he wants to build a house (on this spot)
    em i sanapim pos bilong haus pinis he has already stood up the house posts

  1. to run a candidate, to pay someone else’s nomination fee sindaun
    Pangu i sanapim kandidet long olgeta hap The Pangu Party is running candidates in all electorates
    memba i sanapim em long brukim vot tasol the sitting member is sponsoring his candidacy to split the vote (practice of paying a member of another ethnic group to challenge his own leader in order to reduce the core votes received by a main rival)

Verb phrase forms

  1. sanap nating to stand around doing nothing
    ol man sanap nating na i no wanpela helpim em all the men stood by doing nothing and nobody went to her help

  1. sanap baksait to stand behind, to support, to back
    ol lain i go pas long kot, na mipela sanap baksait they are the principal litigants, we stand behind them as supporters

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