English: ‘riot squad’.

A new addition to the language from the late 1970s. The Riot Squad is now familiar to Papua New Guineans in many places: ‘ ‘Liklik tem tasol nau, wet liklik. Raiscot kam now bai ronim ol pastain. Yumi bai go.’ ‘It won’t be long, just wait a little. The Mobile Squad’s coming. They’ll chase them and we’ll all go through.’ ’ (Fowke 1995:243).

(No Mihalic entry)

Riot Squad firing tear gas at Kami, Western Highlands Province 1981.

Noun forms

  1. Kind of person: the police Riot Squad or Mobile Squad, a member of this polis2
    tupela birua i kirapim pait, na bihain liklik raiskot i ranim ol i go the two tribes started fighting, then the Riot Squad arrived and chased them all off

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