Pacific Pidgin English: *planti.

Bislama: plante; Pijin: plande; TSC: plenti.

See original Mihalic entry.

Modifier forms

  1. Quantity: lots of
    planti man lots of people
    planti kaikai lots of food
    planti samting many things, lots of things
    planti taim often, lots of times
    i no planti not much/not many

  1. Quantity: enough of inap
    mi kisim planti I’ve got enough (helping of food etc)

Modifier compound forms

  1. Quantity: planti tumas more than enough
    em planti tumas, mi kisim liklik tasol that’s more than enough, I only want a small amount (helping of food etc)

Noun combination forms

  1. long ai bilong planti man in public
    em i save bikmaus long ai bilong planti man he is an orator, he knows how to make public speeches

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