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According to Sillitoe (1983: 78-81), Setaria occurs widely across Asia and the Pacific but is rarely culivated outside Melanesia. In some areas of the highlands, it is a highly valued ancillary vegetable food and a number of varieties may be distinguished. See also May (1984: 62, 82), Powell (1976: 130-131).

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Noun forms

  1. Botany: cane grass, prototypically Miscanthus floridulus, but also Saccharum robustum. kunai, tiktik

  1. Food crops: edible grass variety, typically and at all altitudes although also known as also known as ‘highlands pitpit’, Setaria palmifolia. Below 1800m, pitpit may refer to Saccharum edule, also known as ‘lowlands pitpit’.

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