English: ‘pig’.

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Kundi Aus with a pig at Kumndi Ku, 1981.

Noun forms

  1. Fauna: pig
    pik man a male pig
    pik meri a female pig, a sow
    pik mama a sow with piglets
    pik susu a sow that is suckling piglets
    pikinini pik a piglet
    bol pik an intact boar used for breeding
    pik bilong bus a bush pig

  1. pig meat, pork

Noun combination forms

  1. Agriculture: banis pik (i) a pigsty (ii) a paddock for pigs

  1. Food preparation: hap lek pik a leg of pork consisting of a fore or hind leg butchered in the quartering manner in the highlands, and used as standard item of gift exchange

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