Kuanua: ‘pekapeke’.

Piet Lincoln notes that this Tok Pisin word does not quite reflect the Tolai form /pekapeke/ as pointed out by Ross 1992:376. Both Tolai and Tok Pisin may well reflect Proto-Oceanic *bekas 'defecate...'. See also Tryon (1995, part 2, p. 550) .

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Noun forms

  1. faeces, dung, shit
    haus pekpek a latrine, a toilet house
    pekpek blut dysentery
    pekpek wara diarrhoea
    pekpek kilim mi! I’m bursting for a shit!

  1. Physiology: other forms of secretion
    pekpek bilong ai ‘sleep’

Noun combination forms

  1. Forms of abuse with pekpek
    pekpek as yu! arsehole! (see Slone 1995: 94)
    het bilong yu i pulap long pekpek! your head is full of shit! (Todd and Mühlhäusler 1978: 28)

Intransitive verb forms

  1. Physiology: to move one’s bowels, to excrete
    pekpek sut to have violent diarrhoea
    no save pekpek to be constipated
    pekpek win to pass wind

Verb phrase forms

  1. Mental state: pekpek sut to be extremely scared of, to ‘shit oneself’
    em pekpek sut long mi na ronawe he was terrified of me and ran away

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