Pacific Pidgin English: *nara + *fala.

Bislama: narafala; Pijin: narafala; TSC: nada.

Narapela is, in most senses, the definite form of arapela, which is more any alternative than the particular alternative the speaker is trying to indicate.

The Bislamic Pidgins have companion terms: nara, narafala (Bislama), nada (Torres Strait Creole).

See original Mihalic entry arapela.

Preposition forms

  1. another
    narapela man another man

  1. the other
    wanem man - em? nogat, narapela. which man - him? no, the other one.

  1. the one, the other
    narapela i mas brukim paiawut, narapela karim wara i kam one is to cut firewood, the other, to fetch water

Compound forms

  1. narapela tingting the ‘wrong meaning’, a mistakenly apprended innuendo or promise
    bos bilong kampani mekim wanpela tok, na ol asples i kisim narapela tingting the company manager said one thing, and the villagers took him to mean something else (that he promised something more)

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