English: ‘number’.

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Memba wantaim bigman i kisim namba: Tenth Anniversary Medals presented at Banz, 27 September 1986.

Number forms

  1. A number, a numeral, the number of
    kolim ol namba inap long ten count up to ten
    namba bilong ol man i bin antap tru the number of men was very high

  1. The word namba followed by one of the cardinal numbers forms an ordinal number.
    namba wan taim the first time
    long de namba tri em i kirap gen he arose again on the third day

  1. Government: namba wan highest ranking (of officials)
    namba wan dokta the head doctor, the District Medical Officer
    namba wan kiap the District Commissioner (in colonial New Guinea), the District Administrator (contemporary designation)
    namba wan gavman the Administrator (in colonial New Guinea)

  1. Government: second-in-command (of officials)
    namba tu gavman the Government Secretary (in colonial New Guinea)
    namba tu kiap the Assistant District Commissioner (in colonial New Guinea); alternatively, at a patrol post, a patrol officer’s deputy or cadet

  1. Society: namba tu second in rank, the junior of arapela, nambatu
    namba tu papa father’s brother - probably his younger brother (distinguished in some kinship systems only)
    namba tu mama (a) mother’s sister - probably her younger sister (distinguished in some kinship systems only) (b) mother’s co-wife (in a polygamous society)

Noun forms

  1. Government: a medal, a badge medal
    em i kisim namba long bikman bilong ami he was given a medal by the officer

Noun combination forms

  1. Government: authority, rank, office (from the badges originally issued for village officials)
    i gat namba to have authority, to hold office
    kisim namba to be put in charge, to be given authority
    lusim namba to be deposed, to be removed from office

  1. Government: namba ring a bakelite ring given out a badge of rank in the Highlands prior to the official designation of village leaders as luluais

  1. Weapons tok piksa: namba seven a tomahawk, a fighting axe, especially in the Highlands (from its resemblance to the numeral 7) akis, tamiok
    baga man holim namba seven this fellow was holding his tomahawk
    namba seven i wokabaut nau the tomahawks went into action

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