Melpa: ‘moka’.

Melpa speakers in the western half of Western Highlands Province, that is in Anglalimp, Hagen Central, the Dei Council, the Baiyer and Nebilyer Valleys, and in the Tambul area, exchange live pigs in moka pig exchanges (Strathern 1971). In Mendi and Enga, similar systems are called mok ink and tee (Meggitt 1974, Lederman 1986, Feil 1984).

Nowadays people use mekim moka to refer to any competitive exchange system in the Highlands involving the giving and receiving of live pigs.


Noun forms

  1. Culture: pig exchange system of the Mt Hagen area; any competitive pig exchange in the Highlands

Verb phrase forms

  1. Culture: mekim moka to make moka, to hold a pig exchange in the Highlands

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