English: ‘musket’.

This is a largely obsolete word today; gan is universal, few would use masket to refer to a modern firearm, except by way of euphemism.

See original Mihalic entry.

Using a masket to wash gold bearing gravel towards a sluice box, Elowa Creek, Watut LLG, Morobe Province, July 1996.

Noun forms

  1. Weapons: a gun, a rifle, a cannon
    mambu bilong masket the barrel of a gun
    pairapim masket to shoot off a gun
    plang bilong masket a gun stock
    maus bilong masket the muzzle of a gun

  1. Mining/geology: (i) the brass nozzle of a sluicing monitor (ii) any powerful hose so used res
    ol i wasim gol long masket they are sluicing gold with a monitor

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