Malay: ‘bambu’.

Bamboo (species of Bambusa).

See original Mihalic entry.

Bamboos growing in Western Highlands.

Noun forms

  1. bamboo, the bamboo tree or plant

  1. a bamboo flute (i) for recreational music (ii) for ceremonial use
    winim mambu (i) to play a flute (ii) to play pairs of ceremonial flutes

  1. a pipe, a tube (now replaced by paip in most contexts)
    mambu bilong bensin the fuel line on an engine
    mambu bilong blut a vein, an artery
    mambu bilng masket the barrel of a gun
    mambu bilong nek the windpipe, the gullet
    mambu bilong wara a water pipe

Noun combination forms

  1. Culture: mambu tamberan special bamboo flutes or trumpets played in rituals

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