English: ‘mama’.

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Noun forms

  1. Kinship: mother, classificatory mother, father’s co-wife smolmama
    pikinini wantaim mama bilong em the child and its mother
    singautim ol mama pikinini! call the mothers and children!
    was mama foster mother
    nambatu mama father’s co-wife
    mama bilong baptismo godmother

  1. Kind of person: any married woman, any woman beyond the age of marriage
    mama, haumas long banana? mother, how much for your bananas?
    lapun mama an old woman

  1. Kind of person: female owner
    husat i mama long dispela pik? which woman does this pig belong to?

  1. Tools, machines, instruments: the nut fitting a bolt
    dispela skru i no gat mama bilong en there is no bolt for this nut

  1. Quantity: huge, gigantic, ‘the mother of’
    draipela mama bilong spaida a gigantic spider
    mama bilong ren wasim mi I was soaked by a huge downpour

Noun combination forms

  1. Mamo Lo The Constitution lo

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