Suggested source is Kuanua - more details?

The word has distinct forms in different places: malomalo, malumalu, malmalum.

See original Mihalic entry.

Modifier forms

  1. soft
    em i malomalo tru he is soft, a pathetic weakling
    skin bilong pikinini i malomalo a baby’s skin is soft

Noun combination forms

  1. graun malomalo mud
    taim bilong krai, ol man i save rabim graun malomalo long skin bilong ol everybody rubs mud on themselves during mourning
    ol man bilong pait rabim graun malomalo long pes bilong ol the warriors have rubbed mud on their faces

  1. Ethnic identifier: skin malmalum ‘soft skinned person’, a Papuan

  1. Ethnic identifier: gras malmalum ‘soft haired person’, a Papuan (from long tresses of Motuan girls)

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