English: ‘level’.

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Modifier forms

  1. level, even, smooth, straight
    taim yu nilim plang, em mas level when you nail the plank, it must be level

  1. equal in status
    ol asples i level, tasol ol mani man long taun i antap tumas rural people are equal, but those who chase money in town are above us

Noun forms

  1. a level
    long bus yumi stap long wanpela level, long taun ol i stap long narapela in the village we are all on one level, in town they are all on another

  1. Tools, machines, instruments: a builder’s level skwea

Transitive verb forms

  1. to level something
    ol i wok bung na levelim ples balus they all worked together to flatten land for the airstrip

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