kuk, kukim

Pacific Pidgin English: *kuk.

Bislama: kukum; Pijin: kuk, kukim; TSC: kuk, kuke.

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Kukim gras bilong pik, Lihir Island, New Ireland, 1993.

Modifier forms

  1. Food preparation: to be cooked tan
    em i kuk o nogat? is it done or not?

Noun forms

  1. a cook, a kitchen-hand in a mess kukboi
    em i save wok long mess, em mas wanpela kuk she works in the mess, she must be a cook

  1. tok bokis: a wife blanket
    trangu i painim kuk yet the fellow is still looking for a wife

Intransitive verb forms

  1. Food preparation: to cook
    haus kuk the kitchen
    mi save kuk I know how to cook
    ples bilong kuk a hearth, a fireplace

  1. Warfare, fighting: to be defeated
    ol birua i kuk pinis the enemies were defeated
    ol i givim gol, na mipela i kuk they scored a goal and we lost the game

  1. Warfare, fighting: to defeat
    ol i givim kuk long mipela they defeated us

Transitive verb forms

  1. Food preparation: to cook
    kukim kaikai to prepare food
    kukim long paia to cook in the flames or ashes
    kukim long sospen to cook in a saucepan

  1. to fire, set fire to, heat with fire boinim
    kukim kanu to char a new canoe
    kukim sospen to fire clay pots
    kukim haus to set fire to a house
    kukim kunai to set fire to grasslands
    kukim ston to heat mumu stones

  1. Warfare, fighting: to defeat
    mipela i kukim ol birua pinis we completely routed the enemy

  1. to do something at speed
    mipela i kukim! we went at top speed

Verb phrase forms

  1. Culture: kukim nus custom of courting in Melpa language area, Western Highlands, where girls and boys sit alternately side by side to sing courting songs; physical contact is more restricted than in karim lek, couples turning to rub noses karim lek

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