kuap, kuapim

English: ‘go up’.

This can be said to be the ‘official’ term for sexual activity, having been put to use by the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research in explicit HIV-AIDS awareness literature published in Tok Pisin (see PNGIMR 2000).

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Noun forms

  1. Sexual activity: sex, mating
    ol man i no lukim kuap bilong kapul i gat nil no one has seen the mating of echnidas
    haus kuap a brothel

Intransitive verb forms

  1. Sexual activity: to have sex (joint activity), to copulate
    tupela kuap nau, na haus i wok long go kam they started having sex, and the house rocked back and forth

Transitive verb forms

  1. Sexual activity: to have sex with, to copulate with (male to female, suggestive of the female being a passive or even unwilling partner) sutim
    kuapim meri to have sex with a woman
    dok man i kuapim dok meri the dog copulated with the bitch

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