English: ‘cry’.

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Women wailing for a death at Kiam, Western Highlands Province, 1981.

Noun forms

  1. the sound of, the noise of, the call of, the cry of singaut
    krai bilong belo the sound of a bell, the peal of a bell
    krai bilong ensin the noise of an engine
    krai bilong pisin a bird’s call
    krai bilong pikinini a child’s cry

  1. wailing for the dead, mourning, a period of mourning
    ol meri i stap long krai the women are in a period of mourning
    krai bilong ol i pinis their mourning is over

Noun combination forms

  1. haus krai place of mourning
    ol meri i stap long haus krai the women are secluded in a place of mourning

Intransitive verb forms

  1. to cry, to make a noise, to squeak, to call meknois, singaut
    pikinini i krai the baby is crying
    em i tanim ki, na ensin i krai he turned the key and the engine burst into life
    dua i krai the door squeaks
    paul i krai the cock crows

  1. to mourn
    krai long man i dai pinis to mourn one deceased

  1. to long for, to desire, to be always thinking of one absent
    meri i krai long nupela klos the girl wants a new dress
    mi krai long ples bilong mi I am homesick

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