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English: ‘corner’.

What is the scientific name for faiv kona?

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A peri-urban settlement, or ‘corner’ (or perhaps several corners together), on the former site of Wangbin village at Tabubil.

Noun forms

  1. Physical world: corner baut
    em i wetim mi long kona he is waiting for me on the corner
    pikinini sanap long kona the child stands in the corner

  1. Sport, games, pastimes: in soccer, a corner Wau kik
    was kona hazardous position in the opponents’s goal mouth in early variants of soccer

  1. Physical world: small part or extremity of something
    ‘Kundiawa 4 kona taun’ said of Kundiawa because ‘it only has four corners’, that is it is very small

  1. Geography: a ‘corner’, a settlement on the edge of a station or town, usually of a single ethnic origin; typically only Western Province.
    Somoikwankia kona Somoikwankia village’s urban settlement at Kiunga
    Tele kona Telefomin ‘corner’ at Tabubill
    Urap kona Urapmin ‘corner’ at Tabubil
    Ninati kona Settlement of cross-border Muyu people from Ninati village, Irian Jaya, at Komokpin refugee camp, 1987

Noun combination forms

  1. Tree crops and fruits: faiv kona ‘five corner’ fruit

Verb phrase forms

  1. Action: kona join to add oneself to a small group at a social gathering
    mi lukim sampela lain, mi bai kona join I just saw someone I know, I’m going to talk to them

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