Pacific Pidgin English: ‘kilim’.

Bislama: kilim, kile; Pijin: kilim; TSC: kilim.

Note that Pijin carries the two meanings of (i) beat and (ii) kill. Pijin also has kilim dae, with the same meaning as TP kilim i dai.

See original Mihalic entry.

Transitive verb forms

  1. to beat or strike, to thrash, to beat severely
    kilim em! thrash him!

  1. to kill someone or something, but death is usually uncertain unless kilim is qualified by i dai
    kilman a sorcerer

  1. to kill, figuratively
    hatwok i kilim mi the hard labour has floored me
    bilinat i kilim mi pinis the betelnut has made me sick
    mun i kilim meri the girl has her monthly periods

Verb phrase forms

  1. kilim i dai (i) to beat severely until the victim is insensible, (ii) to kill stone dead
    kilim i dai to beat unconscious, to kill

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