Source uncertain.

See Ross (1992: 380).

See original Mihalic entry.

Maunten kaukau, Porgera, 1990.

Noun forms

  1. Food crops: the sweet potato Ipomoea batatas.
    subim kaukau to live on an exclusive diet of sweet potato

  1. Ethnic identifier: Kaukau a person from the Highlands, on account of the amount of it they eat there Saki, Saksak
    wanpela Saksak na wanpela Kaukau wokabaut long rot a coastal fellow and a highlands man were walking down the road ..

Noun combination forms

  1. Agriculture: baret kaukau sweet potato planted in 2-4 m beds on a rectangular grid of ditches, a method characteristic of Western Highlands to the east of Mt Hagen town and much of Chimbu. skwea

  1. Agriculture: maunten kaukau sweet potato grown in composted mounds, a method characteristic of Western Highlands to the west of Mt Hagen town, Enga and Southern Highlands, and known as mond or mondo.

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