kat1, katim

English: ‘cut’.

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Noun forms

  1. Physical state: a cut
    i gat kat long en it has a cut on it

Noun combination forms

  1. dokta kat a surgeon

Transitive verb forms

  1. Action: to cut something
    katim bol to castrate
    katim gras (a) to cut grass, (b) to give a haircut
    katim tok to interrupt

  1. Medicine: to operate on
    meri i sik insait, na dokta laik katim em the woman is sick inside and the doctor wants to operate

  1. Warfare, fighting: to kill with an axe
    em i no gat rot nau, na ol birua katim em there was no way to escape now, and the enemy killed him (with their axes)

  1. Action: forms of katim with tools
    katim long so to saw
    katim long tamiok / akis to cut with a hatchet / an axe

  1. Action: to delete, cross out
    katim olgeta tok i kranki cross out all the words which are wrong
    katim marit to annul a marriage

Verb phrase forms

  1. Action: katim liklik liklik to cut something into small pieces katkatim

  1. Culture: katim skin to scarify, to circumcise

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