Gazelle/New Ireland: kabang.

Ross (1992: 374) notes that Kuanua has kabang, Romoaaina kabaang, and Label (Southern New Ireland) kabang.

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Noun forms

  1. Tools, machines, instruments: lime, whitewash
    penim long kambang to whitewash something

  1. Material culture: lime chewed with betelnut buai, daka, mastet
    ol i stap wokim kambang long skin kina they are making lime from shells by burning them

  1. a gourd in which lime is carried for betelnut chewing
    stik bilong kambang a spatula for taking lime out of a lime gourd

Noun combination forms

  1. Supernatural world: kol kambang ‘cold lime’, magical lime supposedly used by a sorcerer

  1. Material culture: sel kambang gourd used by men as a penis sheath in the Star Mountains, Telefomin and Oksapmin (as well as in West Papua), a phallocrypt.

  1. Ethnic identifier: sel kambang person from Telefomin and nearby places where penis sheaths are worn
    ol sel kambang lain people from Telefomin and nearby areas

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