Pacific Pidgin English: *holem.

Bislama: holem; Pijin: holem; TSC: holem; Churchill (1911: 52).

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Noun forms

  1. Everyday item: a handle
    holim bilong kap a cup handle

Transitive verb forms

  1. to hold something, to hold onto, touch, to feel
    holim isi to touch, to feel, to hold lightly
    holim meri often means: to have intercourse
    holim pas to hold onto firmly, to grasp, to cling to
    holim stia to hold onto the helm, to hold the steering wheel

  1. to keep, to be faithful to, to observe
    em i holim gutpela wok he has a good job; he is holding down a good job
    holim ol lo to keep the laws
    mi holim mani bilong em I am keeping the money for him

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