English: ‘heavy’.

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Modifier forms

  1. to be heavy, to be tired, to be pregnant
    ai bilong mi i hevi I am sleepy; my eyes are heavy
    bel i hevi to be sad
    bun bilong mi i hevi I am tired
    meri i hevi the woman is heavy with child, is pregnant
    tok i hevi the speech is hard to follow

  1. clumsy
    han i hevi to be clumsy

Noun forms

  1. Causation: a load, the blame, the responsibility
    bikpela hevi a big load, big responsibility
    ol i putim hevi long mi the put the blame on me

  1. worries, concerns
    ol liklik hevi bilong mipela i olsem our concerns (with the proposal) are like this

  1. trouble
    mipela i gat hevi long ples we have trouble in the village

Verb phrase forms

  1. painim hevi to run into trouble bungim taim
    mipela i painim hevi we have run into trouble

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